Unvented Hot Water Systems

Unvented hot water systems have been around for quite sometime even though most people think they’re relatively new, they are a great way of providing a house with balanced hot and cold showers at high pressure and flow rates. That being said this is all dependant on the pressure and flow rate of the incoming mains, before agreeing to have this type of hot water installed be sure that your property has the correct supply requirements.

If all this checks out ok an unvented cylinder is the best suited hot water system for a property with multiple bathrooms and occupants that use multiple outlets at the same time. This is where a combination boiler would struggle to keep up with demand and result in poor system performance and unhappy showering times!

To heat the hot water cylinder you also require a boiler which could be located in the same room as the cylinder or it could be in a cupboard at the other end of the house this is probably the only downfall if you are short on space as you would need to accommodate both, other than that it is the best system for high demand.

To install unvented hot water systems an installer requires a separate qualification as its classed as a specialist subject due to the safety issues involved and the consequences of what could happen if they are installed incorrectly. We have undertaken this assessment via our local BPEC training centre and hold valid certificates of competence. They are also subject to local water authority installation or if you do hold the relevant certificates as we do the installer can self certify it safe and provide you with a buildings control regulation certificate.