Heating Systems

You can be sure that B-Tech’s heating service is reliable, on time, clean and what we quote is what you pay. We have a large knowledge base of the industry and are always adapting to new technology and methods to make sure you get the most out of your system.

Heating systems need to be designed and sized according to the heatloss of the building, the amount of occupants and hot water usage. Once you have these details then you can design a system that matches this criteria. Sometimes this can be complex and prove to be troublesome but there’s usually a solution for most problems that we come up against.

When you choose us to install your heating system we don’t just install it but we also include you in any decisions that need to be made and keep you updated with progress. We provide you with a full explanation on how best to use your system and also provide you with a back up service for if you get confused or forget how to do something.

Fuel Types

At the moment we only install system with boilers that run on natural gas or if you live in area where you don’t have access to natural gas we are also competent in installing LPG systems.

We are registered installers with Calor Gas who can provide you with multiple storage options and also benefits of converting from oil to LPG.

Thinking of switching from oil to LPG? Then check out the video below for benefits and different storage solutions.

System Types

There are a number of different system types that can be installed and here are just a few of them. You may also be aware of renewable energy such as solar thermal panels which converts the suns energy into a usable heat to provide you with free hot water this type of system is also something we can help out with.

Gas regular boiler with gravity fed hot water system and fully pumped open vent heating system.

Gas system boiler with unvented hot water and solar thermal panels.

Gas combination boiler, provides instant hot water but no storage.

Gas system boiler with unvented hot water cylinder.