Bosch Easy controls:

The Bosch easy control is the perfect partner with any new Worcester Bosch boiler, it’s designed to work with this specific boiler manufacturer but can also be used with other brands using the easy adaptor.

Comes with a 2 year guarantee as standard but if you choose to install it at the same time as a new Worcester Bosch boiler the controller would be covered for the same length of time as the boiler, and depending which model you pair it up with this could be 12 years!

Smart TRVs are a great way of having complete control over every room within your home, these come with a standard 2 year guarantee and cannot be upgraded to 10 years.

The easy control allows you to zone your whole house and set each room to the temperature you require.

If you have a boiler and a hot water cylinder the EasyController can also control the timings and the temperature of the stored water when using the integral diverter valve kit.

It’s available in either black or white and looks great compared to the old mechanical type room thermostats.

Why not take look at the video below and download the demo app and take a look at it for yourself.


Benefits of the Bosch Easy
  • Remote control of heating system anywhere in the world via app (mobile signal required).
  • Can boost the systems efficiency by up-to 5% when installed with smart thermostatic radiator valves.
  • Weather compensation at the press of a button – this adjusts the boilers output depending on outside temperature.
  • Load compensation as standard – monitors heating set point and adjusts boiler output accordingly (boiler compatibility dependant).
  • No external sensor needed due to WiFi connection.
  • Home presence detection – automatically turns on and off depending on location.
  • Can be connected to your smart home system such as Alexa, Google home and Apple home kit.
  • Can control the heating and hot water system of your home.
  • Control 20 zones one being the room where the easy control is installed.

Bosch Easy control

Bring your heating system in to the 21st Century!