Powerflushing is the most effective way to restore a heating system to its full potential.

Over time the water within your heating system can react with the metals that make the system up and cause iron oxide “rust, magnetite,sludge” to form. This sludge settles and sticks to boiler components such as pumps and valves and can cause the efficiency of your boiler to decrease. It also forms on the sidewalls of pipework and reduces their overall diameter making them narrower, this puts strain on the systems ability to circulate the heated water from the boiler to parts of the system to heat your hot water, radiators and or underfloor heating.

If you have radiators that don’t fully heat up or a boiler thats making settling noises then your system would more than likely benefit from power flushing. Carrying out this procedure removes magnetite “sludge” from areas of your heating system that have low or no flow causing them to not operate correctly.

To determine if you require a powerflush a water sample can be taken and analysed to find out how contaminated the system is or, we can operate your system and use our Flir thermal imaging camera to do the hard work for us and identify problem areas.

We are currently using a Norstrom thermal unit combined with a magnacleanse to provide this service. This is a great combination due to the fact the machine has a built in element to heat the 50 litre water tank and the magnacleanse is a twin pass unit removing most magnetite in one pass. What we love about this particular unit is that if your boiler is broken or when replacing a boiler we can add sludge removing chemicals to the heated tank water and fully cleanse the existing system before the new boiler commissioned. You wouldn’t put your old car engine oil in the brand new car you’ve just purchased and this applies to heating systems.




On The Job

Below are images of our machine rigged up to the heating system pipework whilst new boiler is isolated and the sludge collected on the magna cleanse magnets.

On Going Protection

Once the power flushing is complete we always recommend the use of a magnetic system filter to provide ongoing protection. The following video refers to the Adey magnaclean.

Adey¬†are one of the leading manufacturer’s in magnetic filtration but there are lots of other manufacturer’s with similar products on the market that also provide on going protection from sludge and debris.