Smart Controls


The use of “smart connected” controls whether it be manufacturers or third part eg. Honeywell, Nest, Tado etc. has seen a massive increase in the last few years and ultimately has given the end user greater flexibility, this allows them to adjust the settings of the heating system from a remote location using the internet. We encourage the use of this type of control as it could have multiple applications to further enhance comfort and efficiency of your home. Some of which are geofencing: a radius distance linked to your smart phone which activates your boiler when your on your way home, Home presence: detects the presence of your smart phone outside a normal timed program to bring your home up to comfort levels. Self learning: this monitors the usage pattern of your system and stores the information and uses it as a program for the heating system. We cater for all systems new and old so don’t worry if you don’t have the latest high efficiency boiler there are ways we can help improve the efficiency of your current setup. If you require any further information or would like to arrange a site visit please get in touch.

We as being part of the Worcester Bosch Acreddited Installer scheme recommend the use of smart thermostats such as the Bosch easy, we believe the technology enhances the performance of your system and increases the flexibility and control that you the home owner has over your system.

Although we recommend the Bosch easy system it does come with its limitations and where it can’t control certain systems due to the complexity of them we recommend Honeywell evohome and are part of the Honeywell Installer Network where we have attended training courses to provide you with a practicable solution.

If you’re looking to install a smart thermostat to your existing heating system we recommend the Honeywell T6 series of thermostats. This type of heating control is a simple and cost effective way of improving the efficiency of your existing system. If you have a boiler that uses the opentherm communication then the T6 series is a perfect partner to maximise the efficiency of your boiler. The boiler and thermostat exchanges information regarding set point temperatures and current temperatures to determine and regulate the output of the boiler to maximise efficiency without compromising comfort levels. While this function is active you may notice that the temperature of your radiator systems decreases and gradually ticks over to maintain a comfortable even temperature throughout your home.