Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle


Unbeatable 12 Year Guarantee!

Yes you read that correct…… a 12 year Guarantee! Worcester are so confident in the lifestyle range of boilers that they have given them the longest guarantee out of the whole range. With this comes piece of mind that there’s no monthly charges for boiler insurance saving potentially thousands over the 12 years, no expensive repair bills and no ringing around to find an engineer to diagnose and repair any faults that may occur.

This guarantee doesn’t stop at the boiler oh no! The great thing about Worcester boilers is that they also cover any other new Worcester branded products installed and registered along side the boiler, this includes the whole thermostat range and also the whole filter range!

The future is style.

For more than 50 years, Worcester have innovated to create boilers to warm your home. Now, building upon the foundations of their award-winning Greenstar boiler range, they’ve created a stunning design-led boiler for the heart of your home without any compromise on quality or performance.

Cleverly connected.

The Style range has been designed to suit your lifestyle as well as your home. With an easy-to-use full colour boiler display and wireless connectivity with our smart thermostat, the Bosch EasyControl, you have the power to effortlessly control your home’s heating and hot water from anywhere. Lifestyle boilers make having a smart control effortless, the Bosch easy control can be installed using an adapter that plugs directly into the boiler which then just leaves the need for the thermostat to be plugged into a wall socket which removes the time consuming and extra labour involved of lifting floors to install cables. The Bosch easy control also comes with the weather compensation feature as standard to further enhance the efficiency of this boiler. Monitor your systems pressure from the app. The lifestyle range can also be installed with an intelligent filling link, this filling link automatically fills the system should the pressure drop due to a radiator being bled for example. It also has a few safety features built in such as leak detection where it knows how long the fill time should take and if this time is exceeded it will alert you and stop filling the system to prevent any water damage which may be caused by such a leak.


Great Modulation.

You may hear or see figures of boiler sizes quoted in KW’s and think that the bigger the better but thats not always the case. These days it’s all about how low can you go and when we say this we mean what’s the lowest amount of heat input the boiler creates. A boiler with low modulation will stop/start less often and as a result of this there will be less wear and tear on components, longer run times which keep the boiler in condensing mode longer and more comfortable air temperatures throughout your home. The Lifestyle range of Worcester boilers modulate down to 3KW which is a vast improvement on it’s predecessor the Cdi classic which was around 7kw.

So to put this basically if your room thermostat is close to its set point of say 21c and only requires 3KW’s of heat to keep things ticking over at that temperature the boiler will lower its gas input to lower the temperature of the water thats being circulated around the system. Boilers with a higher modulation of heat that’s required are forced to cycle because they cannot meet any demand lower than it’s minimum output, this causes the boiler to stop/start very frequently which ultimately leads to premature failure of components such as fans, pumps and igniters.


Recent Installs

Here a a few of our recent installs of the life version of the range.