Heating Water Analysis

This is where our job as heating engineers can make us look a little crazy!

At B-Tech Heating we are able to analyse the water within your heating system to provide a report and recommendations to help keep the water at its optimum level which in turn will keep your heating system running at its full potential. Heating systems are usually made up of different metals for example you may have a boiler with an aluminium heat exchanger, copper pipework and steel radiators. The water that runs through reacts with these metals and corrodes them at different rates. This is why we measure and monitor different parameters so we can treat the system accordingly and almost stop the corrosion process from happening at all, giving you a system that will run trouble free for years and years.

Here we look at PH levels, Conductivity levels, Iron levels and oxygen levels. we recommend these levels are monitored and adjusted as part of your annual boiler service or as a standalone service to suit the type of system that you have.

Below are pictures of our Prime Lab kit in use measuring the PH, iron and conductivity levels of a systems water after power flushing as part of a new boiler installation.